Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crate & Barrel Ona Pitcher: (pictured left) We got this as a wedding gift and adore it. Perfect for morning orange juice. You can purchase this here

                                                                           Photo Credit: Anthropologie                                                   

Perennial Mini Colander: This was on our wedding registry and is the only colander I use now. It's so cute, easy to wash and comes in many adorable colors. Plus it's only $12, great for a gift for a friend! Buy it here

Vintage 50's appliances: This beauty is especially wonderful to me as it is in my favorite color - mint green. If we ever get to purchase an oven I want to hunt for a referbished 50's model.

                                                     Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Champignons Plate: We also got these as a wedding gift and they are a sweet addition to our mushroom collection. Buy them here

                                                                                               Photo Credit: Poetic Home

Vintage Tin Herb Garden: I LOVE this idea and can't wait to put some of these in my windowsill. We have a mint terrarium on our front porch and love always having fresh herbs available.

                                                                    Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

Chemex: It's not a morning in our household without this. An aesthetically pleasing coffee maker? Yes, please. We got ours here

                                                                                                Photo Credit: General Store

Circle Wood Cutting Board: I'm obsessed with this shop (General Store) and this cutting board is one of my favorite items there. Buy it here.

                                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Gama Go

Recycled Record Coasters: My sister got these for us for Christmas and we use them for every meal. She got them here.

                                                                                                       Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Bubbled Beverage Dispenser: The price may be outrageous but I have yet to find a dispenser as dreamy. Splurge here

                                                                                         Photo Credit: Viva Terra

Owl Mugs: We have way more than enough owl knickknacks around the house, but these little guys are our favorites. Get them here

                                                                                                                                                                              Photo Credit: Cast and Crew

1950's Kitchen Scale: although I have yet to find a use for a scale in the kitchen, i love the look. We have a tiny green mail scale in our kitchen but this one is just darling isn't it? Buy it at one of my favorite Etsy Shops here.

Jadeite Kitchens: I can't get enough this 40's & 50's glassware collectable. The color is absolutely perfect! FIrst on my list is a Jadeite Cake Stand.

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