Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A couple of weekends ago we ventured to sin city in an attempt at the most un-vegas vegas weekend possible. First of all, we are the most un-vegas couple imaginable (hence, anti-vegas vegas weekend.) We mapped out all the spots we wanted to hit up and of course the buffets and it turned out to be a pretty sweet little trip. Our hotel had a lazy river (highlight.) My $1 in the penny slots quickly turned into $38 and that was the extent of my gambling. We discovered the most amazing thrift store where i scored some mid-century gems. I fell in love with Top Shop all over again and we discovered a wall of wolf shirts downtown. We spent hours in the kids arcade, ate at a buffet and stayed away from pretty much everything else.


  1. i've been once. it was horrible. but i would go again with you guys!

  2. I love your photographs, are they taken with a film camera?