Wednesday, August 21, 2013


We're going to a wedding this weekend and I wanted to make a fun little kitchen DIY for their gift- hence the birth of these gold animal bottle stoppers. 

-little plastic animals (I got mine at michaels)
-cork stoppers (any craft store)
-gorilla super glue 
-gold spray paint

I started by spray painting the animals, make sure you give them a good 3-4 coats. Flip them from front to back, top & bottom each with their own coat. Make sure you didn't miss any spots before you move on to the next step. TIP* Make sure you use animals who's bellies fit directly onto the cork. My first (failed) attempt I used animals who's feet were the only part glued to the cork. I quickly realized that these weren't going to stay attached. I then used animals where I could attach their bellies directly to the cork and they worked perfectly. Make sure the animals are dry and the next step is to glue the animals down. I put some gorilla super glue onto the cork and then pressed the animal down and held for 30 seconds. And thats it, they're done. Happy DIY!

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